Infinity Chronicles Part 2

Sexy paranormal romance

As the war between supernatural beings is brewing, Infinity awakens in the midst of her kidnapping. Instead of facing her captor, she meets someone who takes her into the past where she learns secrets that change everything she’s always known. After recently discovering that vampires, wolves, tiger-shifters, Valkyries, and otherworldly entities exist around her, Infinity must quickly adapt to her new reality while facing the fact that she no longer knows who she can trust. Each species wants her, but there’s only one person she is meant to be with…and he might be the only one she loses forever. **Full length novel. Reader Note: This story contains some scorching hot sex. Infinity is a sexy paranormal shapeshifter romance novel. If you have problems with strong language and low down dirty sex, you might want to skip this one. However, if you like a possessive alpha-male who can’t get enough of his woman and some cheeky humor, this is the story for you. Enjoy. *Due to strong language and sexual content recommended age is 18+


Another amazing suspense filled paranormal masterpiece – Debbie

* spoiler alert ** After reading the first book in this series, I was pumped and ready for the second one. What I wasn’t ready for was all the action that started right away. The story continued to send the reader on a roller coaster ride and dangle little pieces of information in front of you, only to make you breathless for more. This book also had much more sexy scenes, which I LOVED!!

Intense!  -Dragonmamaon

Though I read this book first, it was fairly easy to keep up with what was going on. The chapters are clearly labeled as to what is past and present. Great plot of good vs evil, well written, yummy and kept me itching for more. Poor Infinity, will she ever get a break? And Boulder….ummm…Yum!! Cliffhanger Alert…but honestly I don’t see how else it could have ended to open for book 3.




“Infinity! Wake up,” a woman’s lightly accented voice hissed into my ear.

My breath caught before a zap of energy surged through my body. I was disoriented, and before my eyes snapped open, my limbs convulsed as if I were a fish out of water.

The room whirled as something shoved me to my feet, pushing me forward. Before I could fight the momentum, my body slid frontward, smacking me against the thick glass door marked Collective Laboratory and No Unauthorized Personnel Beyond This Point written in big, bold black letters.

“You’re wasting time. You must enter,” the woman’s voice whispered.

Nervously biting my bottom lip, I snapped my head around, looking for the disembodied voice that echoed around me, but the mystery woman had shrouded herself in the shadows.

This was not a good sign.

“There is no way in hell I’m stepping one foot in there,” I snapped.

“You will enter,” the woman demanded.

I jammed my hands onto my hips. “Uh, nope. That’s most definitely not going to happen.” I tried not to fidget anxiously, but the utter silence was unnerving. “Who are you? And why are you hiding from me?”

My gaze scanned around, hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever was hiding. I tried to picture what she might look like. Old? Young? Menacing? Deceivingly sweet?

The ominous spirits that had haunted my dreams for as long as I could remember took whatever form they thought would either intimidate or cajole me, showing me the human shell was an optical illusion.

“Do you think you are worthy of seeing my true form?” the woman asked sharply.

Arrogant much? “Worthy?” My eyes narrowed. “You summoned me here.”

An ominous growl pierced the air.

Shit! This is definitely a bad sign.

Locking my knees, I ignored the urge to release the contents of my bladder from fear. “If you think I’m going to cower, you have another thing coming. If you don’t have the balls to come out of hiding, then leave me alone.”

God, what is wrong with me? Goading an invisible entity wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but somehow, I knew running away with my tail between my legs would be a thousand times worse.

Surprisingly, the female laughed, a husky, warm loud sound that lessened my fear—a little.

“I can say one thing about you. You’re brave…but not very bright, though. Didn’t Kara teach you never to challenge an enemy whom you can’t see?”

Automatically, I assumed a warrior stance. “Is that what you are—my enemy?”

The woman clucked her tongue. “Infinity, haven’t you learned by now that everyone is your enemy, even those you consider friends?”

Tilting my head, I tried to detect the origin of her accent but couldn’t. “I’ve never misjudged a person in my life.”

“Never?” She laughed mockingly. “What about Mason?”

My jaw tightened. “I stopped trusting him months ago when I realized he was scum.”

Suddenly, a soft wisp of air brushed my ear before the mysterious woman’s voice whispered into it, “Months ago? It should’ve been evident from the moment he opened his mouth.” She paused. “This proves there are major flaws in your judgment. Friends are enemies. Enemies are friends.” Her laughter buzzed by my ear like an annoying fly. “One thing will remain true for as long as I live. I am your ally, not your enemy.”

“You want me to trust you?” I scoffed. “I can’t trust someone who refuses to reveal herself.”

“I can’t trust someone who’s too weak to take a leap of faith.”

Huffing angrily, I threw up my hands. “We’re getting nowhere with this.” I jabbed my finger toward the door. “And I’m not opening that damn door.”

She laughed. “Why don’t you pull up your big-girl panties and take a little peek behind door number one?”

I gritted my teeth, not liking her condescending tone. “Like I asked, who are you? What the hell do you want?”

“You may call me Azura,” she responded with a regal air. “As far as what I want…” Her pause was pregnant. “I want you to get the hell in that room so we can see what you need to survive, Valkyrie seer.”

I arched a brow. “Valkyrie seer?” Great, another useless title.

“I see Kara chose to keep you ignorant.” She sighed loudly. “Do you think it’s a coincidence that you can see the future? It’s a gift granted by the Immortals to keep you alive, a gift that my enemies on the High Council have been abusing for years.”

“Wait—is this the same High Council that Mason works for?” My fists clenched as I recalled all of the information Mason told me about the council that governed all Others.

“Yes, but I’m surprised he revealed the truth.”

My mouth dropped open with shock. All my life, I’d had dreams and visions of the future and the unexplainable. Now I was more than a little pissed to find out the spirits that had plagued my dreams were using me for information.

“Why?” I bit out.

“They seek to change their destiny and prevent their demise. Only you can help them do that.”

My heart raced with excitement. “If I can see the future, that means I can change it and save everyone I love.”

“The future cannot be changed.”

Feeling utterly deflated, I stared into space. “What use is the future without them in it?”

Azura sighed heavily. “So bitter for someone who has the power to save the lives of so many,” she stated coolly.

I rubbed my forehead, fighting the looming migraine. “Death, pain, and destruction—that is what my visions and dreams tell me about the future,” I spit with distaste.

“And you can prevent it all. That is the beauty of your gift.”

I blinked back the tears. “There is nothing beautiful about it.” My chest tightened as I thought about all the evil and darkness my visions had shown in the future. “You don’t know anything about me or this…gift,” I said bitterly.

“I know more than you think, Infinity. I know how you struggle to prevent your dark thoughts from overwhelming you. But trust me that all this will make more sense when you find your balance between good and evil.”

I groaned, sliding against the wall and onto the floor. Tired, I pulled my knees close to my chest. “There is no balance. I know what I am…evil. I feel it slithering inside me, begging to be released.”

“Words cannot explain the chaos of our world. Some things in the shadows are best kept there, but if it were up to the High Council, they would have no qualms about releasing evil on the world.”

My breath caught. “You’re talking about me,” I whispered.

“Yes, Infinity, I am talking about you, but you know this and you’ve felt it all your life.”

My body trembled with fear and rage.

“All is not lost. There is a way to change your purpose and future. Let me show you my past so you understand what’s at stake.”

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