Operation Bear Boxed Set: Parts 1 – 3

All three parts of the Bear Elite saga: Operation Bear (Parts 1-3)

Full-length book with a HEA; no cliffhangers!

Operation Bear, Part One is the first book in the Bear Elite Saga. In the wilderness, love knows no bounds. Bear Armstrong is a leader who specializes in the tactics of war. The shifter is on a special ops mission to capture the leader of a renegade wolf shifter pack. Danger lurks around every tree, but Bear never expected to find it in the form of the captivating human Raven Holiday. Raven is everything Bear wants in a mate, but continuing the mission could put their courtship in serious jeopardy. Bear has a choice: complete the mission or have never-ending sex with the woman of his dreams. The time to choose is now…

Operation Bear, Part Two is the second book in the Bear Elite Saga. In the wilderness, he’ll battle to protect his mate. Bear Armstrong is a leader who specializes in the tactics of war. The shifter has been set up with every single woman his special ops team could find and it takes being in the woods hunting down one of the most dangerous wolf shifter packs before he could find her…alluring human Raven Holiday. Raven is everything Bear wants in a mate, but there’s just one problem. Why the hell would fate finally bring his mate, only to have her be his kinds’ sworn enemy?

Operation Bear, Part Three is the third book in the Bear Elite Saga. In the wilderness, he’ll keep his mate safe or die trying. Bear Armstrong swore to be captivating human Raven Holiday’s protector. He’s her mate, and it’s his duty to be there for her at all times. When the leader of a renegade wolf shifter pack draws dangerously near, Raven’s life is in jeopardy and Bear’s future with her hangs in the balance. Bear’s choice is clear: Raven first, mission last. But can he come up with a plan that won’t put his mate in harm’s way? Operation Bear, Parts 1-3 is the full-length book with a HEA. If you like steamy love scenes, heart-pounding romance, and piles of sexy shifter secrets, then you’ll love the latest romp from author Sedona Venez.

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Gently, I nudged her with my paw and then my nose, but she didn’t move. Instinctively, I inhaled deeply to investigate her scent just as I would with anyone I’d met for the first time. Fuck. The tantalizing combination of vanilla and cinnamon raced up my nostrils and shot straight to my bulging erection, making it jerk. My bear growled his arousal, wanting to investigate her mouthwatering scent further. Damn. She’s trouble. I started to back up to beat a hasty retreat, and then I stopped dead in my tracks, rooted to the spot. She was going to freeze to death if I left her in the mud. With one last glance around to ensure I was alone, I shifted back into a man and scooped the woman up into my arms. The second I glanced down at her face, my heart skipped a beat. Not only was I drawn to her exotic beauty, but I was also strangely driven to protect her. Absolutely beautiful. Mine, my bear growled. Fuck no, I hissed back. The long, dark curls that escaped her bun compelled me to run my fingers through them. Her skin was the color of hot chocolate. Her pouty lips begged to be repeatedly plundered. Her perfect hourglass figure made my loins swell. Damn, she’s the full package. Snowflakes fell onto her cheeks and long black eyelashes but didn’t wake her. I could stare at her all night, and I probably would have if I hadn’t remembered where we were. Just holding her in my arms sent my gut twisting and heart pounding. My beast growled in satisfaction, but I growled back with irritation. There was no time for a battle of wills. I knew of a nearby small cave where she would at least be out of the elements and away from Price and his men until she awoke. I’d get her there and then be on my way. That was all I would do for her. Despite what my beast thought, she was not my mate to protect. But minutes later, as I was about to leave her in the small cave, I felt the strong primal urge to stay and keep her warm, and then she groaned and rolled over. No. I have to go. Quickly, I left the cave and shifted back into my bear.


Bear’s nose twitched before he said, “Bears protect what’s theirs.” He rubbed a finger across my bottom lip. “And I would fight to my very last breath to ensure you’re safe. I just need to know you trust me to do what’s right… for you.” I swallowed hard. “I do,” I finally whispered, “more than I should.” Staring, mesmerized, I watched Bear lean closer, but then he paused. I could tell part of him was trying to hold back, but I met him halfway. His sinful lips came closer, eventually pressing on mine. My body twitched at the contact. A fire started deep within my gut, spreading throughout my body. Bear was slow, confident as his tongue swept across my top lip and then my bottom. I opened my mouth, allowing his tongue to slide between my teeth. He tilted his head to the other side, his lips methodically claiming me. I knew I should pull away, but it was as if I were tethered to him by some invisible string while his tongue curled around mine. Damn, he knows how to kiss. We both moaned, and his hold tightened on my jaw, pulling me closer. Part of me knew I shouldn’t be doing this with Bear, but I wanted to forget about the ugliness—the wolves trying to kill me—just for a second. I wanted—no, I needed this moment with Bear. My hands ran up his back, and I felt his muscles jump as I caressed him. He dropped his fingers from my face, and slowly, his digits found their way to my waist, sliding up my shirt. The second his fingers reached my naked skin, I groaned, pressing into him. This was right. I sensed it in my gut. This was exactly where I was supposed to be.


  “Hell yes.” I started stripping off my clothes, and my inner bear responded with a large roar. Raven blinked. “Not exactly shy about showing all your junk, huh.” It was a statement, not a question. “Nope. Nudity isn’t a big deal for shifters,” I replied with a smile. “But you can turn away or check me out. Either way, it’s all good, darling.” My muscles flexed when I was completely nude. Raven bit her bottom lip while her eyes roved down my body. Stepping closer, I softly grabbed her chin. “Like anything you see?” Her eyes dilated. “Everything.” I smelled the sweet scent of her aroused womanhood. “Good.” I rubbed my thumb across her lips. Her tongue flicked out, running it over my digit. I shuddered. Soon, I’d get to taste her delicious nectar. Stepping back, I let the shift take over. My skin rippled and my bones shifted and popped. Raven took a few steps back to watch, open-mouthed, in awe as the monstrous grizzly appeared where I’d been standing just moments before. I licked my nose and then sniffed the air around me, throwing my head up to see what was near. My ears twitched around, and I growled for Cutter and Grant to get moving. “I’ll never get used to that,” Raven whispered before I gently nudged her with my head. Our strange-looking group headed once more into the trees, and Raven’s hand found its way into the fur at my shoulder. I felt warmth flood my body. Her touch, that one simple caress, made my bear growl contentedly. This is right. She is mine.

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