Operation Bear – Part Three

In the wilderness, he’ll keep his mate safe or die trying.

Bear Armstrong swore to be captivating human Raven Holiday’s protector. He’s her mate, and it’s his duty to be there for her at all times. When the leader of a renegade wolf shifter pack draws dangerously near, Raven’s life is in jeopardy and Bear’s future with her hangs in the balance.

Bear’s choice is clear: Raven first, mission last. But can he come up with a plan that won’t put his mate in harm’s way?

Operation Bear, Part Three is the third book in the Bear Elite Saga, a series of adventure-packed shifter romance tales. If you like steamy love scenes, heart-pounding romance, and piles of sexy shifter secrets, then you’ll love the latest romp from author Sedona Venez.

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Content Warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets.

Adult only bear shifter romance.


An amazing ending… This series needs to be on everyone’s must read list.
– Amazon reviewer

Must read captivating and sizzling romance. Wow! Spectacular!
– Amazon reviewer

Absolutely fantastic! Epic! This final installment of the series was so fantastically written it never strayed from the original storyline and kept your imagination gripping at the suspense!
– Amazon reviewer

A very suspenseful erotic paranormal read.
– Amazon reviewer

Fantastic finish to a great series!
– Amazon reviewer

This book is suspenseful, funny, scorching hot, romantic, and just a joy to read.
– Amazon reviewer


“Hell yes.” I started stripping off my clothes, and my inner bear responded with a large roar. Raven blinked. “Not exactly shy about showing all your junk, huh.” It was a statement, not a question. “Nope. Nudity isn’t a big deal for shifters,” I replied with a smile. “But you can turn away or check me out. Either way, it’s all good, darling.” My muscles flexed when I was completely nude. Raven bit her bottom lip while her eyes roved down my body. Stepping closer, I softly grabbed her chin. “Like anything you see?” Her eyes dilated. “Everything.” I smelled the sweet scent of her aroused womanhood. “Good.” I rubbed my thumb across her lips. Her tongue flicked out, running it over my digit. I shuddered. Soon, I’d get to taste her delicious nectar. Stepping back, I let the shift take over. My skin rippled and my bones shifted and popped. Raven took a few steps back to watch, open-mouthed, in awe as the monstrous grizzly appeared where I’d been standing just moments before. I licked my nose and then sniffed the air around me, throwing my head up to see what was near. My ears twitched around, and I growled for Cutter and Grant to get moving. “I’ll never get used to that,” Raven whispered before I gently nudged her with my head. Our strange-looking group headed once more into the trees, and Raven’s hand found its way into the fur at my shoulder. I felt warmth flood my body. Her touch, that one simple caress, made my bear growl contentedly. This is right. She is mine.

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