Twisted Lies 2

Sexy. Ruthless. Core McKay.

Sinthia Michaels has nearly lost everything. Unwittingly, she’s signed over the majority of her couture fashion line and lost the support of her retailers in one fell swoop. Behind it all is the one man she is undeniably attracted to.

Core McKay, a wealthy and legitimate businessman, is after one thing only—his mother’s murderer. When his intel leads him to a corrupt politician connected to Sinthia, Core will stop at nothing for his own version of justice—even if that means using Sinthia to get what he wants.

Twisted Lies 2 is the second book in a sizzling contemporary romance episodic novella series. If you like suspense, chemistry, betrayal, and the thrill of danger, then you’ll love this emotional page turner.

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18+, explicit language and sexual situations / Cliffhanger
Dirty Secrets Reading Order:

#1 – Twisted Lies

#2 – Twisted Lies 2

#3 – Twisted Lies 3

#4 – Twisted Lies 4 (in progress)


Love the chemistry between Sinthia and Core!!

-T Riceon

I cannot wait for Twisted Lies 3!! OMG the chemistrybetween Sinthia & Core just burns up the pages!!

A real page turner!


The characters, the story-line and discovering all the dirty secrets suck you in and keeps you on edge until the very end. Fulled of regret, revenge, suspense, turmoil, sacrifices, lies, pain, mystery, deceit, corruption, and a whole lot of lust thrown in, Twisted Lies 2 will keep you guessing. The hero and heroine have a white hot, attraction that leaps off the page. You can feel the sexual tension between them and you can’t wait to see if anything will come of it. There are so many unknowns and the question just keep piling up as the story unfolds. Sedona Venez knows how to steam up the pages.




Pushing aside the contracts on my desk, I absently traced the scar across my brow while staring at the Manhattan skyline. My mother’s killer was New York City’s mayoral hopeful Bigsby Calhoune—and I wanted him dead. But killing him fast would be too easy. I planned to ruin him, stripping away everything he held dear—his wealth, his trophy fiancée, his political career, and his freedom.

Bigsby was a dirty criminal underneath his slick, cleaned-up politician veneer. He might have a new identity and life, but he was still the power-hungry thug who had killed my mother and left me to die.

“He’s going to pay for what he did,” I hissed.

Bigsby was unfinished business, business I’d been waiting to resolve for far too many years. I had thought of nothing but revenge. It’d consumed me. Just thinking about the night when the unknown assailant wearing a ruby and diamond-encrusted horseshoe gold ring had shot my mother and left me choking on my own blood fueled my hate fire. My mother had died, but I survived.

I’d finally found the owner of the ring—Bigsby. What are the odds of that? I had been searching for that ring for years, and it was right under my nose.

But what’s Sinthia’s connection to Bigsby?

It was something I was determined to find out. It hadn’t taken Kevin long to do a thorough investigation, but he hadn’t found anything linking Bigsby to her. However, Kevin had dug up some interesting intel about Bigsby looking into Sinthia Michaels’s business. If Bigsby was interested in Sinthia, there had to be a sinister motive, which was why I needed to acquire her business fast. Kevin had searched through her background again, looking for anything that could be used as leverage. Surprisingly, Sinthia was squeaky clean and free of scandal. Frustrated and running out of time and options, I had found a chink in her armor—money.

She required money, and I had lots of it.

That was when I’d swooped in with the assistance of her friend Tabitha Thorp, who had helped me get close to Sinthia. Tabitha had convinced Sinthia of the value of getting an investor—specifically, me—to help her expand her business.

I leaned back in my chair, smiling coldly. Now Bigsby would have to deal directly with me.

My jaw tightened as I glanced impatiently at the watch adorning my wrist. What the hell is taking her so damn long?

Sinthia should have arrived fifteen minutes ago.

I’d give her five more minutes before hopping into my car and driving over to her house to lay down my number one ground rule. When I called, she’d drop what the fuck she was doing and haul her sexy ass to my designated destination or there would be hell to pay.

Ram, my business partner and friend, opened my door and stepped into the office. “Security just informed Fiona that Sinthia Michaels is on her way up.” He strode in, closing the door behind him.

I sat forward. “She was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago!” The words rushed from my mouth like an angry roar.

Ram arched one dark eyebrow. “What the fuck is up with you?” Sitting down in a chair, he propped his feet on my desk, much to my chagrin. “You need to relax, Core. If you bark at her like that, you’ll send her ass running out of here, fucking up our plans.”

“Do I look like I give a shit?” I retorted, eyeing him coolly.

Ram looked at me as if hinting at something. “Yes, you do,” he replied so calmly it raised my ire.

My temper flared. “I don’t give a shit about her!” I snarled.

Ram grinned like the idiot he was. “Yeah, okay.”

I pressed on the bridge of my nose and took a deep breath, pissed that I’d been intrigued by her since the night we met at my club. I’d spent the last couple of days semi-aroused, and it was fucking with my head. The nights were fucking worse, and more than once, I’d woken to a raging hard-on with her name on my damn lips.

It was a real fucked-up predicament. I had no business thinking that way about a woman I was using as bait.

Sinthia was an addictive distraction.

Ram loudly cleared his throat. “Kevin showed me a photo of her. Damn, she’s smoking hot.” He grinned, leaning back in the chair. “Tell you what. I’m more than willing to take her into my office and show her we mean business…kinky business.” He suggestively wiggled his brows. “I wonder if she’s into handcuffs.” He pursed his lips. “Shit, I would love to bend her over my desk, cuff her, and frisk that ass like she’s under—”

I put my hand over my face, sighing loudly, and Ram stopped.

But when I looked up again, I had a wicked smile on my face. “You’re fucking crazy.” I laughed. “But you always know how to calm me down.”

“That’s what friends do,” Ram said.

Ram was more than my best friend. He was the brother I never had and the only one I trusted besides Max and Rocco, my enforcers, who roughed up my enemies and kept my business associates in line. And Kevin, who handled the financing and accounting for all of my businesses and my private intelligence

gathering efforts. Ram and I had been through hell and back together. Rising quickly in the world of organized crime, we’d built our empire from the bottom. There were times when I’d thought we’d never make it out alive, but we had. We’d decriminalized our business and turned our lives around.

“Okay, so how do you want to handle this meeting? Good cop/bad cop scenario?” Ram asked quietly.

I took a deep breath and let it out. “No, I’m going solo with this meeting.”

Ram gaped at me. “What the fuck do you mean, solo?”

For the first time in my life, I opened my mouth and nothing came out.

Ram’s eyes widened. “You want to fuck her?” he asked, shaking his head. “I can’t believe it.”

I grimaced as the knots in my stomach grew. It took me a good minute or two before I finally managed to get my thoughts together. I gritted my teeth. “Sinthia Michaels is all business, and I’m willing to destroy her business in order to take down Bigsby,” I retorted.

I needed Sinthia Michaels as bait, and if that meant she might become a casualty in my war against Bigsby, then so be it.

“Uh-huh.” Ram’s gaze held a hint of amusement. “We’ve been friends for a long time. I’ve learned to read you like a book. You want her.”

I leaned back. “I don’t need the complication.” My life was difficult enough, and I didn’t need any distractions, especially now that I’d found my mother’s killer. Besides, I wasn’t relationship material and I never would be. I’d fuck women and then show them the door.

Ram’s lips twitched. “Yeah, well, that’s a damn relief.” He pointedly looked at me. “I would hate to have you complicate this mission by fucking her.”

Damn. Little did Ram know, shit was already complicated between Sinthia and me.

The phone on my desk rang twice, signaling that Sinthia was waiting to be guided into my office. Excitement raced through my veins as if I were some high schooler waiting for my prom date.

Damn. What the hell is wrong with me?

Annoyed, I glared at him, my patience gone. “Just escort her in.”

Shooting to his feet, Ram gave me a mock salute. “Aye-aye, fearless leader. Let me get my game face on, showing Ms. Michaels that I—” He grinned slightly. “I mean we mean business.”

I snorted before turning my swivel chair around to face the window. I stood up and clasped my hands behind my back, staring at the Manhattan skyline.

I heard the huge office door open.

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