Twisted Lies 2

Dirty Secrets Book 2

From USA Today bestselling author Sedona Venez comes a heart-wrenching, gripping, edge-of-your-seat captivating, romantic suspense.

Honestly, I wasn’t really sure how to process the touch of a man again.
It’d been so long I’d forgotten just how good it felt to have a strong hand touching me.
The desire and tension were almost more than I could take.

My mind was undecided as to whether I should pull back or allow him to delve further. 
Who am I kidding?
There was no allowing.

I was Core’s possession, and the cocky bastard knew it.

The second book in a sizzling contemporary romance series, Twisted Lies 2 contains suspense, dominant heroes, and a strong heroine who isn’t willing to back down.

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