Twisted Lies 3

Three words described Core—hotness and dripping sex.

His touch, his smell, his voice were driving me toward the edge of sheer sensual insanity.

Bit by bit, I was losing control to him.

Twisted Lies 3 is the third book in a sizzling contemporary romance episodic novella series. If you like suspense, chemistry, betrayal, and the thrill of danger, then you’ll love this emotional page turner.

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18+, explicit language and sexual situations / Cliffhanger

Dirty Secrets Reading Order:

#1 – Twisted Lies

#2 – Twisted Lies 2

#3 – Twisted Lies 3

#4 – Twisted Lies 4 (in progress)


Loved it!

-Tammy Son

Great Read! Fast paced with plenty of drama and hot sex. The chemistry between Core and Sin is hot and the story held my interest throughout. Looking forward to more.


What an Erotic Mystery 3 turned out to be

-sweetsandi “Have a Shweet Day

I LOVE THIS SERIES!! Sin and Core are sinful that is for sure and Book 3 keeps drawing us in. OH MY we are seeing more and more that there is no way these two will NOT be a couple at the end of this book OR will they? Sedona Venez knows how to weave a tale of erotic mystery. I could see every single thing she wrote on the page as it happened. I could see the dresses Sin created and wanted them for myself as a Curvy gal. Could feel the pain in the book and OH MY I could feel the heat between the sheets to say. . .



Chapter 1


My long strides covered the short distance from the curb to the entrance. Reaching for the door, I swung it open and entered the expansive lobby of my pet project, The McKay Club. Employees scampered about, efficiently cleaning and scrutinizing every aspect of the interior in preparation for tomorrow night’s opening.

“Hello, Mr. McKay,” they greeted in unison before resuming their tasks.

The rich and famous were notoriously hard to please, and I made sure The McKay Club overdelivered with a one-of-a-kind kinky spectacle. It was what kept the voracious patrons coming back for more. From upper crust to celebrities, all would clamor to get on the waiting list just to party on the rooftop section of the club. But the real lure of The McKay Club was the Noire lounge—a private members–only playground where the well-heeled indulged in discrete sexual fantasies.

Walking across the lobby, I pulled back the expensive fabric draped over Noire’s entrance, stepping over the threshold. Advancing down the mirror-lined staircase leading to the lounge, I smiled just thinking about how close I was to finally destroying Bigsby Calhoune by stripping away everything he held dear—his wealth, freedom, political career, and trophy fiancée Cate.

But why is the taste of revenge suddenly so bittersweet on my tongue?

The vision of Sinthia’s eyes dilated with lust flashed in my mind. Basic raw hunger surged through me, beating at my self-control. Sin was everything I wanted in a woman—strong and feisty. The idea of fighting to have Sin submit to me had my cock throbbing and my balls aching.

Damn. My fixation with her was annoying, cloying, and a complication I didn’t need. Sin was bait, a casualty in my war against Bigsby.

But I knew I was fucked when she’d swayed onto the rooftop. I’d seen the fire and determination in her eyes, and my cock had gotten hard.

Damn, I loved it.

Her body had moved like a panther—sexy, determined, and confident. She was tall and voluptuous with curves that cried out to be caressed. In a matter of minutes, she’d shattered my control. It had taken every bit of self-restraint not to pull up her dress and fuck the shit out of her.

Shit. How the hell did I let it go so far?

The smoldering lust between us was already out of control. I wanted her in my bed so I could fuck her in every dirty position possible.

My cell rang, interrupting my dark thoughts. I didn’t recognize the number.

“Yes?” I answered gruffly.

“Core, it’s Tabitha.”

What the fuck? I stopped mid-stride. “How did you get my private number?” I snapped. “You know what? I don’t give a shit. Lose it.” I was seconds away from disconnecting.

“Wait! Don’t hang up. I need more money,” she shouted urgently.

“Hell no,” I barked.

“You don’t get to say no.”

The muscles in my shoulders bunched. “Are you threatening me?”

I didn’t respond well to threats, especially from a money-hungry whore like Tabitha Thorp, who had served her purpose when I recruited her to help me get close to Sin. Tabitha had convinced Sin of the value of getting an investor—specifically, me—to help her expand her business. In exchange, I’d agreed to pay off Tabitha’s debt to Ben Vargos, her unsavory criminal ex-boyfriend, and send her on a very long vacation.

“It’s not a threat. Just a statement. You owe me,” she snapped.

My lips flattened. “I don’t owe you shit. I paid you five figures in cash to make the Sin deal happen.”

“It wasn’t enough!” she exclaimed in a rushed tone. “I ran into a few bumps, and now I’m broke. You’re the only person I can turn to right now.”

“Go fuck yourself, Tabitha. Our business was done the moment you took my money.”

I knew Tabitha from the old neighborhood. When we were young, we hung out in the same criminal circles. The only difference was, back then, the now-famous Tabitha had worked as a drug mule for her seedy kingpin boyfriend Ben. I’d even fucked her several times behind Ben’s back.

“One call to Sin and…” Tabitha deliberately trailed off.

I replied with deadly intent. “If you even think about—”

She sputtered with a whiny voice, “I’m not one of your whores. I’ll tell her you blackmailed me into betraying her.”

“I didn’t twist your arms to take the money. And the recording of our business arrangement will surely enlighten Sin.” I continued moving toward the elevator.

Tabitha gasped. “What recording?”

My nostrils flared. “Do you think I would ever do a deal with the devil’s spawn without a backup plan?”

“You’re an asshole,” she shrilled.

“I’ve been called worse by a better class of people.” I pressed the face of my watch against the security pad next to the elevator. “Come on, Tabitha. This is not my first rodeo. By the way, if you’re recording our conversation right now, don’t waste your fucking time. I have so much dirt on your shady dealings with Vargos that by the time I’m done snitching you out to the authorities, you’ll end up in jail, designing uniforms for the entire prison.”

“If you think this is done… well, you’re sadly mistaken.”

“It’s done because I said it’s done,” I drawled while watching the green light flash quickly before the elevator door slid open. “Now slither back under the rock where you came from.” I hit the power button and the call terminated before I marched onto the elevator as the door closed.

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