When Lightning Strikes

She’s a cursed witch. He’s a wolf shifter and her sworn enemy. Every rose has its fangs…

Lightning Credence knows she’s destined to succumb to her family’s curse. As her escort service begins to crumble, only one person can come to her rescue.

Wolf Shifter Ryker Alfero is everything Lightning craves and everything she shouldn’t want. She needs his body, but she hates his guts.

Ryker doesn’t just want Lightning, he wants to own her. He’ll stop at nothing to prove the witch belongs to him in every sense of the word.

When Lightning Strikes is the second book in the Credence Curse Saga, a series of adventure-packed shifter romance tales. If you like dark magic, powerful women, steamy love scenes, heart-pounding romance, and piles of sexy shifter secrets, then you’ll love the latest romp from author Sedona Venez.

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Impatiently awaiting the next book!!

– Ashalka

Omg I love this book. This is my first time reading anything by Sedona Venez. I can’t wait to read more. This is book two the series and now I absolutely have to read book one as well as any that come after this one. Lightning is just so badass that I can’t help loving her. . .



Ryker + Lightening = Hot Hot Hot


I love a steamy, hot book. When Lightening Strikes is exactly that. It has hot alpha males, sexy strong females and a plot which kept me turning the pages. There is enough angst between Ryker and Lightening to fill a small city. I loved their banter and their determination. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of any punishment these two could deliver upon their enemies! I can’t wait to read more in this series.




Chapter 1

My eyes darted toward the door. Where is Storm? Storm’s tardiness was so out of character that my fingers trembled as I took a large gulp of tequila.

I snorted, thinking about our earlier phone conversation. There was no way in hell she was actually serious about me attending this meeting without her. She couldn’t be. Not after I specifically told her the last time I was around Detective Prick, I had picked up some weird vibes. His emotional compass was not stable. I would crack under pressure if she weren’t here. Shit! I was already cracking.

I wasn’t proud to admit it, but I was desperate. I needed her. I frantically tapped out a text message to Storm. Where in the hell are you? I’m not playing, Storm. Get your ass over here. Now!

I waited. No response. My eyebrows furrowed.

What in the hell?

Reason pursed her lips with displeasure while drumming her well-manicured nails against her desk. “So, Light, let me get this straight. She’s not coming to this meeting because she had some emergency?”

Leaning back into the chair, I tried to refocus my mind by absorbing the sleekness of Reason’s pristine midtown Manhattan office suite. “The last time I spoke to her, she sounded panicked. And that’s not like her.”

Reason leaned forward with eyes narrowed, like she was interrogating me on the witness stand. Her drumming increased.

Irrationally, my temper flared as I leaned forward. “I don’t give a flying fuck, vampire!”

Reason’s hazel eyes narrowed with concern. “What’s up with you lately?” She sat back, examining me like a lab rat while drumming again.

I stared at her fingers pointedly. “I’m not fucking kidding,” I hissed. I was out of control. I knew it. Reason knew it. But I couldn’t rein it in. I wiped my damp forehead with shaky fingers. My empath symptoms were getting worse and there wasn’t shit I could do about it. What once worked at controlling my raging migraines and wild mood swings—my large consumption of alcohol—now failed. I tossed back a glass of tequila, gritting my teeth with frustration. My symptoms were making me a nervous wreck, and even worse, I was slowly alienating everyone I loved with my erratic behavior. One minute, I was bawling my eyes out; the next, I was dripping with rage. There was no middle ground anymore.

“It’s getting worse, isn’t it?” Reason’s tone softened. “You need help, Light. You can’t continue down this path without going completely crazy.”

I didn’t flinch at her bluntness. I respected it. That was why she was my best friend, and I loved her like a sister. Our bond was formed from practically growing up together. Her family, a long line of lawyers, has handled all of our legal affairs for centuries.

“I’m already there, Reason.” I swallowed over the bitterness of being the only Credence born a sensory empath with the unlucky ability to feel the humans’ energy and emotions. “Storm thinks I can handle this meeting without her…but look at me.” I was sweating as if I just ran a marathon. My fingers were shaking like a junkie. And I was yelling like a deranged cast member from a reality show. “I won’t last five minutes in the presence of that detective. He’s pure evil.” I knew in a matter of seconds after being exposed to him, I’d be overwhelmed by his energy, taking his feelings and losing mine.

Reason’s eyes widened with alarm. “Where is Storm? Is she with Knox?”

“She better not be.” As much as I was relieved that Storm was finally getting some from Knox Gunner, rock star hotness, now was not the time for being knee deep in hot and sweaty sex. We had major issues concerning a detective with a stick stuck up his ass sideways and the likelihood of me going straightjacket insane.

Storm wasn’t just my cousin, best friend, and business partner. She was my sanity check from the daily strain of keeping the barrage of human emotions from sending me to crazy land. I was tired of being a burden. I hated that I was born with the worst luck of all the members in the Credence family. I had the ability to sense all human emotions. The constant influx of feelings was overwhelming with no remedy to prevent them from completely making me crazy. My family had tried different methods to help. The only two that worked were dulling my senses with alcohol and Storm soothing me through our bond connection. A few sips of her emotions put my mind in a neutral, calm state.

Reason’s eyebrows furrowed. “Detective Burrows requested a meeting with both of you. It’s too damn late to cancel without arousing further suspicion.” She banged on her desk. “Dammit to hell. I can’t believe he actually found information on the dead reporter’s laptop, linking Credence O. to Celina’s death.”

I snorted. “You and I know that’s total bullshit. Someone is framing us.”

Reason arched a brow. “Can you be more specific? Your family has more enemies than friends.”

I couldn’t dispute her point. Despite my family’s wealth, we were considered outsiders among Others—wolf-shifters, vampires, and assorted supernatural beings who blended in, coexisting with humans—because of our Fae ancestry.

I leveled her with an irritated stare. “Lacie Gilden. Everyone in the coven knows the Gildens are ruthless.” And it didn’t help matters that they were our direct business competitors. A business that went to great lengths to steal our clients and employees. Lacie was a spiteful, bitter she-wolf who tried everything in her power to ruin our prestigious reputation as Credence “Other” Corporation. Secretly New York’s most sought-after Other escort service providing over-the-top discreetness and exclusivity to our clients. Clients who included Other men with a preference for Other women, minus all the drama of unnecessary attachments. Our clients demanded the elite of beautiful Other women as arm candy when they were in town on business.

Reason stared in shock. “This is bad. I can’t believe all your contracts are gone—records documenting which client booked which escort, places, times, agreed-upon service fees…all gone!”

My jaw tensed thinking about all of the information that safe held. All going back centuries. Paper documentation was not my preferred method of doing business. But the contracts we had with our clients were arrangements dating back centuries, when paper ruled and a physically signed document was the only thing honored. A practice that was a recipe for disaster in the wrong hands.

My lips curled up with distaste. Her loud tapping was like fingernails on a chalkboard. “Reason, I swear if you don’t stop that, I’m going to fly over this damn desk and fucking cunt-punt you.” I was already pissed off with Storm for dodging this meeting. I sure as hell didn’t need lawyer extraordinaire pumping me for answers I didn’t have.

Reason flashed her canines. “Watch it, Light. I’m not putting up with your mood swings today.”

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