❤ NEW BOOK – Credence Curse world! ❤

Look! It’s a new book in the Credence Curse World!

Hello my amazing readers!

I’ve been deep in the writing cave working on my next book in the Credence Curse series“Reason to Love” (Book #3) but I wanted to pop out to answer a question that I’ve been getting from my Credence Curse series readers. “Taming Beastie” (Book #2.5) is written in the Credence Curse world. So, if you love the series and characters, you’ll be very familiar with the plotline in “Taming Beastie”.

P.S. If you haven’t started the series, this would an excellent time to immerse yourself in the sexy adventure of the Credence Curse series 🙂

Reading Order – Credence Curse Series :
Book 1: Breaking the Storm 
Book 2: When Lightning Strikes
Book 2.5: Taming Beastie (Coming – May 3rd 2016)
Book 3: Reason to Love (Coming Fall 2016)
Check it out here

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