Bear’s Mission: Episode 3

A mission in jeopardy. A mate in danger.

The episodes of Bear’s Mission must be read in order:
Bear’s Mission: Episode 1
Bear’s Mission: Episode 2
Bear’s Mission: Episode 3

About Bear’s Mission:

A mission in jeopardy. A mate in danger.

Can Bear save them both?

Bear Armstrong is a bear shifter with an intense nature… and intense desires. He’s found lasting pleasure as the mate and sworn protector of Raven Holiday. Bound by his commitment and desire, nothing stands between him and the woman he loves.

When a renegade pack of wolf shifters encroach on Bear and his territory, he’s given an impossible choice: protect his mate or fulfill his mission?

As the threat draws closer, Bear’s future with Raven hangs in the balance.

Can he defeat the wolf pack before it’s too late?

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