An assassin and beast. A beautiful curvy human. A combustible one-night stand. A dangerous combination.

Cheetah shifter Jasper Ford has been called a lot of things—a menace, a murderer, a threat to everyone, even irresistible. But the Paranormal Guild’s most valuable killer-for-hire has a problem with his new assignment. One of his marks is the fiery vampire he shared a one-night stand with five years ago and hasn’t been able to forget since.

Taking out her father is easy, but facing the woman who stirs such deep emotions is another thing entirely.

Maybe he’s better off taking her out, forgetting she ever existed, and going on with his life. Or perhaps, she’s worth the risk.

Can a cheetah ever be truly satisfied by just one woman?

And if he puts it all on the line, will the curvy beauty ever trust him again?

After all, he just murdered her father.

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