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Before I get to the exclusive opening excerpt of Taming Beastie, I wanted to share the Amazon and iBooks pre-order links.  🙂
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Chapter One

I was stark naked—again. With huge ebony breasts swaying, ass jiggling, and designer stiletto–encased feet slapping against the dewy grass, I sauntered over to the center of the clearing.
Perching myself on top of the smooth boulder—or what I now lovingly called my rock of shame—I surveyed my recurring fixation.
My heart seemed to freeze and then pound. “Damn. You’re such a beautiful kitty,” I whispered.
Water cascaded off the tiger’s magnificent reddish-rusty coat with narrow dark brown stripes as he prowled out of the river toward me with rippling muscles. Its chest, throat, muzzle, and the insides of its limbs were creamy with a milky-colored area above the eyes, which spread onto his cheeks.
When I extended my hand, he tilted his large head down, rubbing against it with a chuff-chuff sound.
“Hello, my big kitty. I’m happy to see you again, too,” I answered to his greeting. My digits trailed up to the white spot present on the back of its ear.
He nudged my hand away before circling me, his fur caressing my bare legs, while I admired the prominent ruff on his head and long tail ringed with noticeable dark bands.
Warmth radiated throughout my body as his fur deliciously tickled me.
“Every dream, you bring me here to watch you swim, and I still don’t know why.”
My mouth fell open when a deer pranced up to the river and drank from it, completely oblivious to the tiger’s presence.
The tiger stilled, waited, and then pounced. The deer didn’t even have a chance to run away before the tiger’s big-as-saucers paws latched on to its hindquarters, bringing the deer down. The tiger gripped its neck, delivering a crushing bite to its prey. The deer stopped thrashing.
My fingers touched my parted lips before I closed them. “Holy shit.”
This was a new addition to my nightly dreams. He’d never killed game before.
Wasting no time, the tiger dragged its dinner toward me, laying the carcass at my feet, like an offering.
I gave him a weak half smile, trying desperately not to hurl at the sight of the dead deer. “Thank you, kitty, but it’s a little…rare for me.”
He flicked his tail, making a chuff-chuff sound, before his limbs quivered, shifted, and morphed into a very naked tall, muscular human.
“Elijah?” I stammered.
This couldn’t be right. Animals didn’t transform into humans, especially not into a man that I was crushing on hard in real life.
“Yes, my Hope,” he uttered in a dark masculine voice.
Electricity sparked in my body as my eyes perused his mouthwatering splendor. His short, thick black hair had hints of gold, and his beard was well groomed. But it was his stunning but strange amber eyes with gold flecks that always made my stomach flip-flop, like a fish out of water. His eyes were the windows to his soul. They bored into me with an intensity that made my sex clench.
“Damn. Even in my dream…you’re fucking splendid,” I declared. My eyes trailed down his hard body and saw his perfect engorged shaft standing at attention.
He clutched my face between his enormous callous hands. “Eyes up here, darling.” His face dissolved into an exquisite grin. “Unless you’re finally ready to get on all fours for your big kitty?” His hands dropped away and grabbed me around the waist, yanking me up against his naked body.
“My, you’re such a dirty pussycat, and I love it.” I licked his bottom lip.
“So, that’s a yes.” It was a statement, not a question.
“Baby, I’ll do whatever you wanthowever, you want. But only if you promise to lick all my cream, like a good kitty.”
We stared at each other with my legs straddling one of his rock solid thighs.
“There’s nothing good about me, darling, but I can promise to lick you to the very last drop.” His voice was thick with emotion. “Just say when, my beautiful mate.”

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❤ NEW BOOK – Credence Curse world! ❤

Look! It’s a new book in the Credence Curse World!

Hello my amazing readers!

I’ve been deep in the writing cave working on my next book in the Credence Curse series“Reason to Love” (Book #3) but I wanted to pop out to answer a question that I’ve been getting from my Credence Curse series readers. “Taming Beastie” (Book #2.5) is written in the Credence Curse world. So, if you love the series and characters, you’ll be very familiar with the plotline in “Taming Beastie”.

P.S. If you haven’t started the series, this would an excellent time to immerse yourself in the sexy adventure of the Credence Curse series 🙂

Reading Order – Credence Curse Series :
Book 1: Breaking the Storm 
Book 2: When Lightning Strikes
Book 2.5: Taming Beastie (Coming – May 3rd 2016)
Book 3: Reason to Love (Coming Fall 2016)
Check it out here

❤ Taming Beastie COVER REVEAL! ❤



Hello my Amazing Readers,

Yay! It’s almost time to publish my next book, Taming Beastie. Take a peek at the cover and blurb. For my amazing Credence Curse series lovers, you’ll be pleased to know that some characters from the series make a surprise appearance in Taming Beastie. ​

(And if you haven’t read the Credence Curse series, now is a good time to catch up. Find the other books here.)
*** Taming Beastie ***

This big bad kitty is ready to play.He’ll do anything to claim his mate as only a tiger can.

Curvy Cayenne won’t go down without a fight and will try anything to resist Beastie, a dangerous, wild, and sexy tiger shifter.

Cayenne is everything Beastie wants in a mate and this sexy kitty knows just how to shatter her defenses and keep her moaning for days.

Danger lurks around every corner when they discover her secret. True evil wants Cayenne for the ultimate power that she can give them, yet she doesn’t realize the extent of the force she holds within herself.

Can true love stand the test of time? Will temptation break their bond? 

Taming Beastie is a stand alone adventure-packed shifter romance tale. If you like steamy love scenes, heart-pounding romance, and piles of sexy shifter secrets, then you’ll love this latest romp.

Buy Taming Beastie today to fall for this latest shifter tale!

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Thanks for the Love 💝

Hello my lovely readers,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you all SO MUCH for making the release week of OPERATION BEAR: PART ONE such an wonderful success. I’ve loved seeing the reviews come in from readers who enjoyed Raven and Bear. I love writing shorts and wanted to give you something different, so keep an eye out for OPERATION BEAR: PART TWO scheduled for release on December 7thand more fun books as 2016 roles through.

Speaking of 2016, my release schedule kicks off with the last installment of the BEAR ELITE series: OPERATION BEAR: PART THREE and a BEAR ELITE Boxed set (Parts 1-3). I’m also releasing a standalone romance novel…more on that when I get closer to release, then my new installment from the CREDENCE CURSE series: REASON TO LOVE, and moving to the last installment from the DIRTY SECRETS series: TWISTED LIES 4 and I’m also planning a VERY special limited edition boxed set for my DIRTY SECRETS series readers. On the topic of release dates, I’m holding off on posting them until I get closer to completion of each novel because I want to make 110% sure that I have firm release dates.

If any of you haven’t bought your copy of OPERATION BEAR: PART ONE yet, make sure you do right away! I’ll be upping the price in early December.

OPERATION BEAR: PART ONE is available at all ebook retailers.
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Thanks, and if you celebrate, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


New Series…Bear Elite

Are you ready for a sexy, bear clan leader to find his mate? Baring it all in the wilderness to find his perfect mate. Bear Armstrong, a shifter and leader of a small team of special ops is on a mission to capture the leader of a rogue wolf shifter pack…but a beautiful woman, Raven Holiday stands in the way.

Operation Bear is the first book in the Bear Elite saga, a series full of adventure, danger, betrayal, unlikely allies, and heart-pounding romance, will Bear sacrifice the mission for the sake of a human or will the mission come first.


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Cover Reveal!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re happy and healthy and excited about autumn (my favorite time of year)! I’ve been spending lots of time in my writing cave, so in 2016 I’ve got some really fun goodies for you! 

Cover Reveal
You asked for it and it’s finally happening! I’m going to publish another book! Operation Bear (Part One) will be live on November 18th and it’s a new series called Bear Elite.

Baring it all in the wilderness to find his perfect mate.

Bear Armstrong, a shifter and leader of a small team of special ops is on a mission to capture the leader of a rogue wolf shifter pack…but a beautiful woman, Raven Holiday stands in the way.

Operation Bear  is the first book in the Bear Elite saga, a series full of adventure, danger, betrayal, unlikely allies, and heart-pounding romance,  will Bear sacrifice the mission for the sake of a human or will the mission come first.

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And heads up! ARC sign ups will start in November!