TEASER ANYONE? Here’s a sexy teaser from my brand NEW short story Big Bad Wolfie  It’s included in boxed set Midnight’s Call!


I unlatched the bathroom door and put a boot to it firmly. It swung open hard enough for drama without shattering the mirror, and I stepped into the doorway. I stood there with my hands braced on the frame, displaying myself in all of my splendor. Curves exaggerated by the high platform heels of the boots and the matching red patent corset, paired with a barely-there gingham-and-lace peasant dress and a short hooded cloak of satin that just matched my lipstick. I tossed it off one shoulder to reveal the gleaming bite scar and winked at him. “So…what do you think?”
He smiled sexily from his seat back on the bed, amber eyes glittering in the semi-dark.

“Absolutely delicious, Little Red Riding Hood.” He held out his hands. “Come here, the Big Bad Wolf wants to eat you.”


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