Five Scorching Hot Shifter Romance books in one collection!

Inside Claimed by Her Wolf Collection:

Furever Yours
Snowflakes, hot chocolate, a silver-coated wolf…and a baby.

With easy fun and hot, sexy nights entwining Dawson’s sleek, muscled body with Jade’s sensuous, inviting warmth, the two loners, in control of their separate worlds, are pulled together by one shared spark—the baby was given life by them both.

Sometimes you have to let go to hold on.

Sometimes love is a risk worth taking.

Happily Ever Alpha
Arya has lost everything… her parents, her home, her identity—all gone in the blink of an eye.

Forced into the country with her only living relative, she struggles to rebuild your life and put the pieces of her heart back together.

Arya finds herself swept up in a mysterious maze that will take her on an adventure of a lifetime and into the arms of two mysterious men.

Loving one means security and acceptance in a world where shifters and humans collide.

Loving the other means war.

Broken Moon
When Harley awakens to find himself locked in a cell, he wonders what his captors could possibly want with him. After all, he is hardly the kind of man to give up secrets, especially ones about the Order of Protection, the agency he has been loyal to, for most of his life.

Besides, he’s a shifter, and shifters never break.

Things go from bad to worse, when a new prisoner is thrown into the cell next to him, begging for her life.

Harley knows he has to find a way out of this hell hole quickly, and make sure she is returned home safely, before it’s too late.

Wild Things
Senna, the curvy Princess, refuses to be given away in marriage to the Ottway, an evil bastard of a man, who just so happens to be aligned with her father.

The marriage arranged against her wishes, Senna is torn between what she must do for her family, and what her heart truly wants.

Gabriel isn’t just Senna’s guard, but a powerful wolf-shifter, who wants her as his own. It would be treason to go against the wishes of the King, but what these men don’t seem to know, is that when it comes to love, rules are meant to be broken.

Will Gabriel be successful in his attempt to rescue Senna from danger?

Wolf Bite
On the run from an enemy wolf pack, Grayson and Cadence fight for their lives while denying the scorching hot attraction that threatens to consume them both…

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