She's the one who got away. Now she's back and I'm never letting her go.

A friendship scorched in a fiery blaze…

Lukas was the first kid to greet me when I moved from NYC to Vermont and quickly became my best friend. To my great regret, he disappeared shortly after the tragic death of his mother.

Over the years, I thought of him. Wondering where he was and what could have been had we not been ripped apart.

Turns out, fate wasn’t finished with us yet. Reunited with Lukas, I’m left gasping at the delectable man he’s become. We tell ourselves we’re just two old friends catching up, but the chemistry between us is undeniable.

I’m not the carefree girl I once was. As a police officer, I’ve experienced things that haunt me. Yet when Lukas shows me his scars, I begin to think he can handle mine. With a career with the NYPD beckoning me back to the city, can Lukas and I find a way to be together? Or will we once again be torn apart, despite our feelings for each other?

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